I Woke Up Like This!


Do you ever wake up and realize that you didn't wake up looking like Beyonce? Well, you are not alone. The truth is, hardly anyone "wakes up like that." This is where #Crisising comes in.

#Crisising is a new show from POPSUGAR Beauty that is there for you when you get in all sorts of beauty related drama, like not "waking up like this." From those tricky tan lines before a big event to a beauty disaster during some unexpected weather, #Crisising has got you covered. Not only is there some great information in this series, but it's pretty funny too!

Plus, they are giving away a huge Benefit Cosmetics prize pack in this episode. Great tips, a little comedy, and a chance to win some awesome makeup, sounds perfect! Do you watch any beauty related series online? If so, which one is your favorite?

☮❀ Stay weird and wonderful ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by POPSUGAR. While I was compensated to write a post about POPSUGAR Beauty's #Crisising, all opinions are my own.

Make Way for Bae at #BeautyConLA!


Yes, I will be at BeautyCon LA this year.. and I will be bringing Marin :)

For those of you that know what BeautyCon is, I hope to see you there! For those of you who don't know what it is, I hope to see you there too, but I'll fill you in on the details of this exciting event coming to LA this August.

-taken from the BeautyCon website

Checking out the guest list, I'm sure you will see some faces that you know and love. Who is at the top of my list? P'Trique, Shay Mitchell, Kandee Johnson, Kelly Osbourne, and.. of course Bethany Mota! Did you really think I would forget to include my sister in there? Of course not ;)

So this event is full of friends and fun, are you interested yet? Find all the details below! I am so excited to be attending this year and would love to see all of you there too!

LA Mart
1933 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 9007

Saturday, August 16, 2014
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PDT)

IG: @BeautyConOfficial
FB: @BeautyCon
TW: @BeautyConTweets
Purchase tickets: {c l i c k m e}

☮❀ Stay beautiful, my darlings ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪

Mmm.. donuts, #MACandMarge!


As odd as is it, I am beyond excited for this collection to come out!
Of course I will be getting donuts to celebrate as well :)

The MAC x Marge (The Simpsons) collection will be released online August 28 and in stores September 4. This collection includes lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, blushes, nail stickers, and even some false eyelashes similar to the style made famous by Marge herself!

So far, my favorite products out of the collection are the nail stickers, Pink Sprinkles blush (satin finish), Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy lip gloss (I'm still unsure about the yellow and orange, but I'm sure I'll give them a shot), the false lashes (I just have to try them on!), and both eye shadow palettes - Marge's Extra Ingredients (blues and purples) and That Trillion Dollar Look (yellow and green, love the name).

Let me know what products you are looking forward to!

☮❀ Stay sweet like sprinkles ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪

Peace, Love, and Makeup


Smile, it's a new day!

I am so happy because today is the day that my newest video from the NYX FACE Awards goes live. This has been my favorite challenge so far, who doesn't love 70's Pop Culture?! Although there were MANY bumps along the way, I do love how the video turned out and hope everyone else feels the same. So in case you haven't watched it, check it out below.

And yes, for those of you who caught it, my first outfit includes a kimono and dress from the Bethany Mota Collection! ;) As far as the actual costume goes, I picked that up on Amazon. You can find out how to get a very 70's hippie look by watching, all the products used are listed in the video.

So remember, you can vote for me three times a day for the next four days!
Check out my contestant profile HERE :)

☮❀ Peace and love, little flower child ❀☮

xoxo Briddy Nicole ☪

Back and Better Than Ever!


Hello all of you beautiful people out there!

If you haven't noticed, the last time I posted on here was last year.. yes.. LAST YEAR!

Well, that's about to change. I am back and ready to write up a storm ;) As you might have noticed, this blog has gotten a serious makeover! I hope you love the new changes, I know I do. That being said, I am going to try and post on here as much as possible.

Videos are amazing and I love being able to actually talk to you guys, but there might be days that I really want to talk to you and can't get a video up. This will be perfect for those days. Like I always say, DEFINITELY let me know what you are interested in seeing! I love hearing from you :)

I love you all so much and thank you for constantly being there for me!


XOXO Briddy Nicole
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