Remember when..

2:05 PM

So I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I noticed an old friend's status update that simply said, "Remember when.."

I remember when I was so close to so many people, people who I don't even see or hear from anymore. It just really got me thinking about how crazy it is and if anyone would choose to do anything differently if they knew then what we all know now. Everyone always says "we'll stay friends forever" and "I'll never change," but people grow apart and most definitely change.

I find myself talking about old memories to other people and when I mention my "friends," I realize that I actually haven't been friends with some of these people in almost ten years. Am I still close to some of my old friends? Of course, but I can probably count them using only one hand. Do I miss any of the ones that I don't talk to anymore? Again, of course! I definitely stalk some of them on social media and just see how they are doing, but I know that we will probably never be close again.

Why am I rambling on about this? I'm not really sure if there is a point and you can take this post however you would like to. What do I hope you get out of it? Enjoy the present moment with the ones in your life, you never know how long they will be there. If you want to keep any of the relationships/friendships that you currently have, make sure to put the effort into them. Sometimes it's not enough, but sometimes that is all you need to let someone know that you want them in your life. Don't be too upset if you lose someone that you shared many amazing memories with, just be happy for the moments that you did have with them.

xoxo Briddy Nicole ♕

It's a Girl! (Life Update)

1:03 PM

It's a girl!

For those of you who didn't see my announcement on Twitter or Instagram, I'm pregnant. For those of you who did, we have found out that we are having a little girl. As you can see, Marin is super excited for a little sister (or maybe she's just really happy about the announcement sweets).

I haven't really been doing a lot since I found out that I was pregnant, mainly because this pregnancy has been completely different when compared to my first pregnancy.. I have been so sick and tired all the time! Definitely not the easy pregnancy I had with Marin. The morning sickness got so bad that I actually had to take a leave of absence from school, which I was not happy about at all.

I am planning on returning back to YouTube soon, which I know I say a lot.. but with no school and more free time, I think this could be a good way for me to get back into the swing of things online. Plus, I always wanted to document my pregnancy with Marin and didn't really get to do that, so pregnancy vlogs this time around sounds like fun. Also, I want to try and write at least one blog post a week, so let's see how that goes.

Since I'm taking a leave from school (the driving and chemicals are too much for me right now), I've thought about taking a few online classes. I just hate sitting at home and doing nothing when I could be doing something productive, so I'll be sure to update you all on whether or not online school becomes a part of my life again.

Other than that, not much has changed in our lives. We had a wonderful holiday season, spent with our family and loved ones. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and Christmas morning was full of love and laughs. We had a nice New Year's Eve dinner with friends and rang in the new year with loved ones at home (watching the New Year's Rockin' Eve, of course).

I am excited for 2017 and all that this year will bring, I hope you are too! I plan to share all of our adventures and experiences with you, so hopefully this starts with a new blog post next week and a new vlog sometime soon! I love you all and thank you for being in our lives.

xoxo Briddy Nicole ♕