Million Dollar Spaghetti

This is my absolute FAVORITE spaghetti recipe, which I found on through Pinterest. I definitely try to be a Pinterest mom, even though I'm probably more of an Amazon Prime mom.. but hey, it's all good! Here is the recipe for my favorite Million Dollar Spaghetti.

Welcome to the Hot Mess Express

Guess who's back, back again..

Now that Camille is getting older, I'm finally getting a little more free time.. so of course I wanted to post a little update on here. I've missed being able to just sit down and write, so I definitely need to get on a better schedule. I've got my coffee and about half an hour to myself, so let's catch up a bit.


Ooh, that smell! Can't you smell that smell?

It's my house. Full of freakin' Scentsy! I have been obsessed with Scentsy forever (mainly because I forget to blow candles out and that's a big no-no). I finally decided that if I'm going to fill my house with bars on bars on bars, I should probably just sell it. Not to mention, you get a kit full of scent-sational (see what I did there) goodies when you sign up! SOLD.