Chest Colds and Car Rides

12:17 AM

Now that I've finally set up my cool little camera holder in the car, we are BACK on YouTube!

I have always loved vlogs, so this video was a super fun way to jump back into the world of YouTube. Marin loves the camera, so she was excited for any kind of video. I wanted to start sooner.. but as you can see in the video, our house got hit with some major sickness! Marin ended up with the flu, I could not kick this nasty chest cold. We were a mess, for sure!

I won't go into too much more about the video, you can check it out below. However, I thought I could add a little something extra on the blog to go with the video. Here are my (super basic) must haves for a mommy who has to leave her house with a cold/flu!

♡ warm liquids (I prefer hot water with honey and lemon slices)
♡ tissues (I make sure mine have lotion, my nose always ends up raw)
♡ cough drops (again, I go for the honey and lemon variety)
♡ hand sanitizer (because you don't need any more germs)
♡ layers (because I would go from hot to cold in a matter of second)
♡ medicine (OTC assuming you can take it, or prescription if you've been to the doctor)
♡ vitamin spray (a nice refresher for your face)
♡ chapstick (tinted is always nice to hide the sickness)

xoxo Briddy Nicole ♕

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